Euronext partners with Early Metrics to support Tech SME investors

Euronext has just announced its partnership with Early Metrics, a provider of independent start-up ratings, valuations and analysis of tech trends, to deliver free automated analytical reports about Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the technology sector listed on Euronext. These reports will increase the visibility of these companies by showcasing them through a tool helping investors to understand their performance.

Anthony Attia, Global Head of Primary Markets and Post Trade at Euronext, said:

Anthony Attia, Euronext

Anthony Attia

This initiative is a natural step further in Euronext’s ambition to forge stronger ties between listed Tech SMEs and investors. With more than 700 Tech companies listed on its seven markets, Euronext is the leading market infrastructure in Europe for growth companies. Our partnership with Early Metrics is designed to raise Tech SMEs’ visibility and investor reach.

In the beginning the project will cover 430 Tech SMEs listed on the Euronext markets, together representing 100 billion in market capitalization. The service covers issuers listed on Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Oslo and Paris markets and will be extended at a later stage to a selection of issuers listed on Borsa Italiana. Last year, 60% of IPOs on Euronext were companies from the Technology sector.


For the collaboration with Euronext, Early Metrics has generated new methodologies to assess and benchmark the growth momentum, valuation, financial resilience and market liquidity of listed Tech SMEs. The assessment of each company is based on its historical performance. To show its position against a group of peers, Early Metrics uses a comprehensive set of indicators.

Antoine Baschiera, Co-founder and CEO of Early Metrics, added:

Antoine Baschiera, Early Metrics

Antoine Baschiera
Source: LinkedIn

As an emerging European rating agency of tech companies, it was natural for Early Metrics to team up with Euronext to enhance the analytical coverage of Tech SMEs across Europe. After conducting close to 4000 ratings, Early Metrics has the conviction that Tech SMEs deserve better than the traditional one-size-fits-all approach. They deserve specific analytics which reflect their growth potential and innovative products. Connecting Early Metrics’ rating expertise with Euronext’s leading position on the segment will enable tech SMEs and investors to better engage with each other, contributing to the performance of the European tech ecosystem.

The automated analytical reports provided by Early Metrics will strengthen Euronext’s online analytics portal and benefit from know-how in delivering a user-friendly and fully transparent view of key company metrics.

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