Deloitte becomes first Diamond-Tier firm in Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE program

Deloitte becomes first Diamond-Tier firm in Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE program

Information giant Thomson Reuters (NYSE:TRI) and Deloitte have announced that Deloitte has achieved Diamond-Tier status in the Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Certified Implementer Program (CIP).

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE CIP empowers accounting and consulting firms to provide businesses with comprehensive product knowledge and support, from design through deployment, of ONESOURCE tax technology solutions. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE is a global corporate tax technology platform that enables tax compliance and reporting in over 180 countries.

Thomson Reuters implemented a tiered structure to its CIP in early 2018 to further enable and formalize the growing implementer ecosystem of Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE. Deloitte is the first Diamond-Tier firm in the program, which is exclusive to firms that are certified across the entire ONESOURCE suite of applications, lead the highest volume of ONESOURCE implementations, and have a global presence with certified implementers in a minimum of five countries.

Piotr Marczewski
Piotr Marczewski

We’re delighted to welcome Deloitte to the Diamond Tier of CIP,” said Piotr Marczewski, president, Corporates Customer Segment, Thomson Reuters. “Deloitte’s new designation within CIP demonstrates its team’s commitment to our ONESOURCE customer base and to empowering companies with best-in-class tax technology needed for today’s shifting global regulatory landscape.

Deloitte is certified to implement all Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE solutions.

Nathan Andrews
Nathan Andrews

The Deloitte team is thrilled to be recognized as a Diamond-Tier implementer by Thomson Reuters,” added Nathan Andrews, partner, Deloitte Tax LLP and leader for Deloitte’s Tax Management Consulting national practice. “This distinction highlights our ongoing mission, through our work as a certified implementer of Thomson Reuters’ solutions, to strengthen the bond in companies between tax and the broader organization by enriching the functionality, seamlessness and value-add of ONESOURCE.

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Deloitte becomes first Diamond-Tier firm in Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE program


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