CBOE Holdings becomes Cboe Global Markets, unveils new corporate identity

CBOE Holdings, Inc. today unveiled its new name, Cboe Global Markets, Inc. (BZX: CBOE |NASDAQ: CBOE), identity and mission at the Futures Industry Association (FIA) Expo 2017 conference, currently taking
place in Chicago. The changes were made to better reflect the evolving nature and spirit of the company and follows the acquisition of Bats Global Markets (Bats) earlier this year.

The company’s new name, Cboe Global Markets, builds on the brand capital of CBOE and the global reach of the Bats business. In Cboe Global Markets, the word “Cboe” is titlecase vs. uppercase, and is now pronounced “See-bo” instead of “C-B-O-E.” This subtle change signals how the company has greatly expanded beyond its options heritage to a business with multiple asset classes and a much larger global footprint.

Edward T. Tilly

Ed Tilly, Chairman and CEO of Cboe Global Markets, said:

Our new identity incorporates the equity of both brands into one bigger, bolder corporate brand that more accurately reflects who we are as one, unified company. The new look and feel of Cboe is underpinned by our new mission, commitments and guiding principles, which I’m proud to say were inspired by the entire Cboe team.

The company’s stated mission, “to power your potential to stay ahead of an evolving market,” is brought to life through three commitments:

  • Relentless innovation to expand our diverse offering for investors around the world
  • Cutting-edge technology to connect customers to global markets
  • Seamless solutions to enhance the customer experience through insights, education, data, analytics and more

Effective today, names including CBOE Holdings, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Bats Global Markets and Bats Europe are retired. The new naming conventions for the company and marketplaces are as follows:

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CBOE Holdings becomes Cboe Global Markets, unveils new corporate identity

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