Breaking news: BridgerPay teams up with CRM technology provider FXbackoffice

Breaking news: BridgerPay teams up with CRM technology provider FXbackoffice

Breaking news… BridgerPay has just announced its latest partnership with fast growing CRM technology provider FXbackoffice.

FXbackoffice are internationally known for their back office solution. Together with BRIDGER Ai platform the company will now offer all existing and future clients a complete solution that both improves the user experience and drives higher conversions and transaction approvals through their combined technology.

Bridger AI is already integrated with FXBackoffice so the transition from your current solution to Bridger can be made anytime.

Dmitriy Petrenko, Shareholder of FXBackoffice, said of the partnership:

We are happy to announce the integration of BridgerPay AI into Fx Backoffice’s CRM solution. This important partnership now gives our clients the chance to make significant savings through AI technology. BridgerPay works with hundreds of PSPs worldwide, let’s clients choose and change PSPs cost free, and removes the hassle associated with multiple PSP integrations – all at a very reasonable cost. We are excited to offer such a solution at the click of button within our CRM, and highly recommend that brokers worldwide take a look at the latest payment pioneer who will transform their financial departments workflow.

LeapRate Exclusive: CEO Ran Cohen talks about Ai powered payment management platform Bridgerpay

Ran Cohen

Ran Cohen, Bridgerpay CEO, added:

FxBackoffice provides brokers a cutting edge CRM, exceptional client and partnership technology and excellent around the clock support. We believe that such partnerships are a perfect fit for Bridger technologies and capabilities, as we take the load of multiple PSP’s integrations away from our partners, allowing companies such as Fxbackoffice to continue taking their technology to the next level. Together, we will effectively increase merchants processing volumes and approval ratio’s, with a unique payment experience for the end users.

Bridgerpay a Cyprus registered Fintech startup venture backed by KPMG 500 launched only last month but are already making rapid steps to implement a presence in the market. Briefly after its launch, the company announced its first partnership with technology and CRM firm Fair Trading Technology (FTT).

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