US Retail Forex client assets for May sees increase to $534 million

U.S. Retail Forex Broker client assets held showed a MoM uptick from reporting data filed with the CFTC as of May 31st. The report revealed a 1.74% increase in assets held by FCMs from April’s $524,757,888 to $533,886,026 for May 2017.

This is also $10 million more in assets from March’s $523,750,637. If the trend continues up remains to be seen.

The winners for the month were Interactive Brokers, gaining double-digit increases in assets. Although, we are anticipating their reports to be removed in the near future as the broker shut down its retail Forex operations last summer.

TD Ameritrade picked up 6%, with OANDA picking up 1.65% in assets. The leader of the pack, GAIN Capital’s saw a small decrease in funds held shedding 1.28% MoM, but still holds around $90 million more in assets than 2nd place in the U.S. market OANDA.

The detailed monthly change from April to May is in the following chart (click to enlarge):

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