True Global Ventures invests $4 million in digital brokerage GCEX

True Global Ventures 4 Plus (TGV4 Plus) Fund has revealed a $4 million investment in GCEX, an FCA regulated digital brokerage.

Founded in 2018, GCEX was established serial entrepreneur, Lars Holst and funded by the $120 million sale of his former company within the FX space. The digital brokerage bridges the gap between traditional finance and digit GCEX al assets such as STOs and Cryptocurrencies.

GCEX offers exposure and access to traditional and digital markets through Tier 1 providers. It also provides an end-to-end plug-and-play trading platform for digital assets and FX to institutional and professional clients. Its platform covers regulation, custody, safety of funds, liquidity and backend, as well as frontend technology.

Lars Holst explained:

Lars Holst, GCEX

Lars Holst

We are currently seeing an influx of institutional money which indicates that the market is ready to embrace digital assets. Our infrastructure has been built and is proving to be in demand. Brokers are looking for solutions and most institutions want to get started investing in digital assets without having to deal with issues like custody and blockchain directly. It naturally falls into our sweet spot to bridge the gap between institutional investors and cryptocurrency; through our partnerships with traditional FX houses and technology, institutions can gain crypto exposure through a trusted platform. The investment from TGV Plus provides us with much-needed capital to continue on our rapid growth trajectory while adhering to regulatory requirements and best practices.

Dusan Stojanovic, Founding Partner of TGV4 Plus Fund added:

Dusan Stojanovic, TGV4 Plus Fund

Dusan Stojanovic

We are excited to support one of the fastest-growing companies in this field. This is largely a greenfield market where GCEX can provide a regulated solution within both crypto and FX together. We believe that GCEX is on track to become a dominant global player.

With the rapidly growing demand from institutions for trading digital assets and a surge of ‘shady’ businesses in this sector, one of the biggest problems brokers, funds and professional traders face in this industry is finding regulated and professional providers who can provide access to multiple trading venues and exchanges. GCEX solves this issue, facilitating the trading of digital assets for institutional clients.

GCEX combats the of the biggest obstacles to adoption, counterparty risk with “household names” with strong regulatory, institutional, and tier 1 connections. The digital brokerage can deliver multiple Fiat crosses with digital assets, including on and off ramping in those Fiats such as USD, EUR, GBP, etc. Traditional finance clients will find familiar standards and expectations are adhered to in the new asset class insured, regulated, and compliant.

Additionally, the digital brokerage offers transparency in its trading conduct through active monitoring, KYT, and anomaly detection on trading for suspicious activity. GCEX also works with several advanced custody solutions in order to lower the friction in handling a new asset class. This addresses institutional concerns by providing third-party specialists and insured custody.

Lastly, through FIX API and other industry standards, the company offers a full stack from account management to back-office in a regulated setting.

Devexperts integrated with liquidity provider GCEX last years to allow users of its trading platform DXtrade access FX, Crypto, and digital assets liquidity from GCEX.

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