RoboMarkets updates its R Trader Platform and auto trading Strategy Builder

CySEC licensed online brokerage and investment company RoboMarkets, which provides financial services to clients across Europe, has annoucned an update of its R Trader multi-asset trading platform. RoboMarkets has also updated its Strategy Builder, which allows traders to build and implement automated strategies with no knowledge of code or programming.

In November 2017, RoboMarkets announced the launch of the free Strategy Builder in the new generation platform R Trader. The builder allows to create, back-test, and run automated trading strategies in the “cloud” without having to learn programming. In the single terminal, traders have an opportunity to create strategies for more than 8,700 trading instruments, including U.S. and German stocks, currency pairs and indices, as well as cryptocurrencies.

Apart from active audience gain, the first four months of operation of the new R Trader platform module showed that 82% of all deals were performed by robots, which traders created with the help of the Strategy Builder. Such impressive figures indicate to RoboMarkets that the platform is efficient and easy-to-use, with the Strategy Builder meeting users’ expectations.

The updated version of the R Trader terminal offers clients more opportunities for creating trading robots in the Strategy Builder, such as:

1. Time indicator

From now on, when creating a trading strategy, traders have the opportunity to set different time limits for trading operations in the strategy parameters. Also, users can trade and test seasonal patterns. The indicator may be applied both separately and in combination with other rules specified in the Strategy Builder.

2. Opening at next bar

The “trade at next bar” feature in the running strategy disables calculation of signals on every tick inside the bar. Conformity with required conditions inside the bar is checked just once on the first tick of the next bar at the closing price of the previous one.

3. Average spread when testing

The feature allows users to specify the average spread value when testing their strategy using historic data and, thanks to this, to get more accurate results.

Kiryl Kirychenka, Head of the R Trader project, commented on the new innovations:

The idea behind the Strategy Builder was to create an available and easy-to-use tool to make trading algorithms automated. Since the moment the builder was released, we’ve seen steadily growing interest of our clients to the platform and, by their requests, added to the terminal several new features for algorithmic strategies. In the short-term, we’re planning to expand the list of available assets, implement “Market Depth”, simplify trading instruments search, and introduce other innovations.

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