Non-leveraged instruments added to iForex platform

iForex has announced the addition of around 70 new non-leveraged tools to FXnet, its main platform. The CFD and FX broker already boasted roughly 22 instruments on FXnet with regard to its non-leveraged portfolio on offer, but the latest additions are set to up the number to a massive 100 non-leveraged instruments.

A spokesperson for Formula Investment House Ltd, operator of the website, said:

These non-leveraged tradable products will allow our traders to diversify their portfolio and balance their market movements, based on their risk appetite.

The firm has witnessed positive feedback concerning its current list of non-leveraged instruments. It is under the firm opinion that this new batch of instruments will be appealing to larger investors, as well as traders with a low-risk appetite. It is understood generally that leverage is one of the key killers for a  majority of FX accounts, with several big-time traders and investors having advised other small traders as well as the industry itself to use a smaller amount of leverage to avoid the liquidation of FX trading accounts during periods of high market volatility.

Non-leveraged instruments added to iForex platform

iForex boasts more than 750 CFD instruments on FXnet, which have higher leverage at this moment in time. Such instruments even include some of the trending cryptos, such as Dogecoin. Recently, iForex had begun to use AI to monitor trading patterns easily, while introducing features to help its traders.

One iFOREX official stated:

We’ve discovered that a balanced portfolio requires more than just the traditional assets you find available within generic trading applications and platforms. It is for that reason that our trading platform is developed in-house; it allows us to react to the most recent traders’ needs before anyone else.

iForex hopes that a number of users will utilise non-leveraged trading for both trading and investments, in turn helping to encourage intervals of good trading. This would then also help reduce pressures on the broker itself, as it would have the ability to clear trades easily and deal with high volatility periods with greater ease. Overall, it is believed that a shift to non-leveraged trading would be a positive change for the industry.


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