IG Europe expands in Amsterdam

IG Europe, the European subsidiary of IG Group, opened its office in Amsterdam on Friday last week as part of its investment for growth. As IG is looking to become more diversified, it has opened new offices in Hong Kong and Bermuda in 2020.

Nazli Visne was appointed as Head of IG Netherlands, an extension of her current role as Deputy Head of IG Germany, where she supports Simona Stoytchkova, Managing Director, IG Europe to lead the broker’s commercial operations. Nazli also serves as a line manager for the Sales and Premium Client Manager teams based in both Germany and the Netherlands. Initially, four IG staff are based in Amsterdam to provide services for local retail traders and provide market insights in Dutch.

IG’s new office will offer services to the Dutch retail investment market with its full range of products, but with a particular focus on turbo certificates. The Netherlands has developed as the fastest growing market in Europe for these limited risk financial derivatives.

The Netherlands has around 35,000 ‘turbo traders’ and excluding the large contingent of option market participants, according to Dutch regulator AFM data. There is a total of about 200,000 leveraged derivative traders in Europe.

Nazli Visne, Head of IG Netherlands said:

Our vision for IG Netherlands is to offer our clients everything they would expect from one of the world’s leading online brokers, whether that is a product to navigate unexpected market volatility, hedge their portfolios, or trade on forthcoming financial events. We firmly believe that only knowledgeable and successful clients stay for the long-term and IG puts clear restrictions within our onboarding process and provides full educational support to ensure they are fully informed before trading on our platform.

Arnaud Poutier, Head of IG Europe commented:

Arnaud Poutier, IG Europe

Arnaud Poutier
Source: LinkedIn

I’m proud that IG now has an on the ground presence in Amsterdam to better serve our Dutch clients with the world-class trading experience they want from IG. The fluid nature of the pandemic at this time means the Dutch IG team will work remotely initially, because their safety and that of their friends and family is our top priority. We all are hoping for more positive news in the new year in the global fight against the virus.

Simona Stoytchkova, Managing Director, IG Europe added:

Simona Stoytchkova

Simona Stoytchkova
Source: LinkedIn

The level of understanding and use of turbos in the Dutch retail investment market is relatively very high and we believe there is strong potential for further growth, which is why we are opening our office in Amsterdam to provide market educational services and promote the latest innovations in online trading, notably IG’s Turbo24 range. I’m particularly proud that Nazli has accepted to lead our new IG Dutch branch, a market which has the highest proportion of women traders on the online platform compared with any other of our markets in Europe, and is therefore in the vanguard for female influencers and ambassadors in creating a more diverse financial landscape.

IG’s European subsidiary, IG Europe, was founded in July 2019 as part of the company’s contingency plans ahead of the UK’s exit from the European Union in order to have a fully functioning and operational European entity. IG Europe unites IG’s European branches in France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands into one legal entity, led by Arnaud Poutier.

Spectrum, IG’s Multilateral Trading Facility (“MTF”), was launched in August 2019, designed for the retail community, offering access to turbo warrants – ‘Turbo24s.’ IG launched this new type of turbo certificate in the fourth quarter of 2019 to offer its European clients the opportunity to trade 24 hours a day, five days a week, in stock indices, currencies and commodities and to have the comfort of knowing the price at which they buy-in represents the full limit of their risk exposure from the outset.

The Turbo24 platform allows traders to react quickly with features such as the ability to trade directly out of the charts and the integration of a turbo calculator in the deal ticket to name a just a few, all of which are also featured on a Turbo24 Demo account platform.

Turbos on stock indices are a popular IG product in the Netherlands, with the German DAX, and US Dow Jones and S&P leading in transaction volumes, closely followed by the local AEX Index. In recent months, there has been increased interest in commodities, reflecting the volatility in these markets and forex is expected to top the transaction charts as the outcome of the US presidential election approaches.

Earlier in October, IG Europe welcomed back Alessandro Capuano in a new role as Head of Exchange-Traded Derivatives (ETD) with the task to further develop and expand its ETD client offering.

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