HYCM provides traders with professional tools and services

As an essential part of its offering Forex and CFD broker HYCM has always offered professional tools and services to investors, including third-party products such as Trading Central, Financial Source, and Seasonax for free to its clients with a live trading account.

These tools provide a variety of analysis possibilities and allow investors to quickly and intuitively gain actionable insights about the specific assets they trade to make well-informed trading decisions.

Overview of the tools offered by HYCM

HYCM offers its clients tools that cover technical, as well as fundamental market analysis.

The Trading Central integration provides algorithmic technical analysis across a wide range of assets and timeframes. The technical analysis doesn’t require the trader to just blindly follow the indicator. Rather, it provides price levels, pivot lines, and alternative scenarios, allowing newcomers to technical analysis to get an understanding of how it works and how it can be utilized to inform trading decisions.

Additionally, HYCM offers a range of fundamental analysis tools such as a real-time economic data tracker and interest rate probability tracker from Financial Source. They allow traders to catch up with the latest economic data releases and the consensus view on market expectations of the future interest rate decisions from all major global central banks. Financial Source also gives clients access to an easy-to-use tweet scanner, as well as breaking news, and regularly updated audio “squawks” about everything that is moving the markets. These tools enable traders of any experience level to quickly get up to speed before every single trading session.

Finally, Seasonax has a slightly different approach to analysis. It focuses on the seasonality of different asset classes and individual symbols. The tool works with more than 30 years of historical price data to allow HYCM traders to see if there are any seasonal patterns to observe and trade on. Seasonax can offer a different view on a pre-existing trading strategy, providing confirmation or disconfirmation signals when the seasonality of an asset may be working for or against you.

HYCM clients can also use the insights of Giles Coghlan, market expert and Chief Currency Analyst who makes regular videos showing how these tools can improve an existing trading methodology. A section on HYCM’s blog shows different seasonal insights and explains them, educating visitors on how to use Seasonax to analyse specific instruments.

The interpretation of available data and observing whether different approaches and insights coincide is a key part of trading. Recognising this, HYCM assists the development of new and experienced traders by providing its clients with live trading accounts with a curated portfolio of professional resources such as Trading Central, Financial Source, and Seasonax, for free.

Earlier in April, HYCM announced the release of its new mobile app HYCM Trader.

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