ACY Securities supports Australia China Future Forum

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The 5th anniversary of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement was announced as part of the annual ACFF event by the The Australia China Future Forum (ACFF) via a press conference.

The panel addressing the media included the Honourable Dr Helen Sham-Ho – first elected Chinese Australian Member of Parliament and co-founder of ACFF, Ian Tam – convener & co-founder of ACFF, Dr. Jim Harrowell – NSW Special Envoy for China, Gravin Ho – Adviser to ACFF and two major industry sponsors.

The Head of Branding & Communications at ACY Securities, Mr. Justin Pooni, participated in the panel that addressed the media. ACY Securities is a major industry sponsor of the the Australia China Future Forum

Mr Pooni commented that ACY Securities was happy to support the Australia China Future Forum and the Australia China Free Trade Agreement.

Mr. Pooni said:

ACY Securities is very pleased to support the Australia China Future Forum.  This is an initiative that fosters positive bilateral relations between these two countries, and that is something that’s very important to us because having a strong trade and economic relationship is a win-win for both of these two very great countries.

Last year, the ACFF event featured the 26th Prime Minister of Australia, the Honourable Kevin Rudd.

The 2019 ACFF event will take place in Sydney on 17th November.

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