French AMF issues public warning against fraudulent website

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The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) has issued a public warning against the activities of this website,

The French regulator has warned the public about the activities of PORTO IMMO SCPI Company and its website listed above, as the two entities are inviting French citizens to invest in their reals estate investment firm (SCPI) without the necessary authorization.

PORTO IMMO SCPI has not been authorized to conduct its SCPI business within French borders.

The AMF has advised French investors not to respond to invitations from people connected to the above website and the company behind it. Investors have also been warned not to provide any information to third parties representing the two entities.

Finally, the AMF reminded investors to follow these guidelines when making investment decisions:

  • Never let sleek marketing materials convince you that high investment returns do not carry high risk.
  • You should learn everything you can about an investment company, or its intermediaries before purchasing any products
  • Never invest in a product that you do not understand
  • Find out all the details about an investment product such as its price and who sets it as well as when exactly you can sell the product especially if it has low liquidity.

The AMF also recently another fraudulent website and another set of unauthorized crypto websites.

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