ESMA warns of imposter trying to steal personal data

Pan-Europe financial regulator The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has announced that it has been informed of an individual operating under the name “Edward Stewart”, using ESMA’s identity and logo.

This individual is presenting himself as an employee of ESMA conducting investigations in order to steal personal data and convince the potential victims to transfer money.

The individual presents himself as an investigator:

EXAMPLE: “My name is Edward Stewart, the one you spoke to yesterday over the phone. This is about the in depth investigation that we are conducting. Our investigation started off 2 Years and 3 Months ago…”

He asks for personal data:

EXAMPLE: “Now if you can provide us any proof such as receipts, or declaration of deposits…”

He signs off as an employee of ESMA, using a fabricated ESMA e-mail signature:

EXAMPLE: “Sincerely yours,

Edward Stewart

Contact Number +33975181294

Investors Protection and Intermediaries

Standing Committee Department”

ESMA has already lodged a complaint before the French police regarding this matter.

Please note that all references to ESMA or its employees in these communications, which do not originate from ESMA, are entirely false and have been made without ESMA’s knowledge or consent.

In order to protect yourself against these unauthorised communications, ESMA:

–        To check whether the e-mail received is genuine;

–        To inform your superior in case of suspicious e-mails;

–        To contact ESMA if any suspicion arises; and

–        To contact the police.

ESMA warns consumers to be aware that fraudsters might use ESMA’s name, logo or the name of an ESMA staff member, a bogus website which appears to be that of ESMA, and/or make bogus references to people said to work in ESMA. Be aware of the following when making your checks:

  • ESMA is a European Supervisory Authority established by a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council;
  • ESMA is based in Paris, France and has no affiliates or branch offices elsewhere;
  • ESMA’s emails end with the address; and
  • ESMA’s telephone number begins with the prefix +33 for France, no other prefix is valid.

ESMA’s official website can be found at

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