Saxo Bank joins Copenhagen Fintech Lab

Together with Copenhagen Fintech Lab Saxo are opening the door to connect and foster relationships with Fintech startups on a global scale.

In September Copenhagen based online brokerage provider Saxo Bank celebrates it 25 year anniversary and, after reporting a nice 4% increase in August trading volumes, the company just shared that has become a sponsor of Copenhagen Fintech Lab.

Saxo Bank joins Copenhagen Fintech Lab to support the Fintech environment in Copenhagen and to provide a platform on which Danish Fintech’s can build their international partnerships through Saxo Bank’s vast experience and expansive network of international client relationships.

Saxo Bank sees a wide range of new partnerships as the next disruptive factor in the financial industry and expects to see increased collaboration between fintechs and established institutions.

Chris Truce

Chris Truce, Head of Fintech in Saxo Bank said in a comment:

Copenhagen Fintech is global by default and as one the only major global and Danish based fintechs Saxo Bank will capitalise on the partnership by sharing our technology, knowledge and relationships with the lab residents. Saxo was a fintech company before the term was even coined and we plan to use the cooperation with the Fintech Lab to grow the Fintech ecosystem globally. There is no doubt that collaboration is a huge disruptive factor in the financial services industry.

Today Saxo Bank has +120 partnerships with other financial institutions globally that use Saxo Bank’s HTML 5 and cloud based technology.

Copenhagen Fintech was founded in September 2016 as an incubator and co-working space for fintech companies, with a remit to drive innovation and to position Denmark as a global player in the industry. The Copenhagen fintech cluster opened in November 2016, hosts 40 companies, employing 138 people and still with a huge potential to grow and make Copenhagen and Denmark a leading financial technology Hub.

Thomas Krogh Jensen

Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO of Copenhagen Fintech added:

Saxo Bank matches our strategy of helping Danish fintech startups scale beautifully – both on the Danish market, but also beyond Denmark. Size alone does not create a successful Danish fintech hub and ecosystem. We believe that the number of connections to other global hubs is crucial to help startups scale, attract investors and talent. With Saxo Bank’s global outreach, focus on technology and Copenhagen FinTech’s network of international fintech hubs, we have a perfect match. Among the cities to visit in the near future are London, Toronto and Singapore, but this is only the beginning of our joint efforts together.

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Saxo Bank joins Copenhagen Fintech Lab

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