Backpack collaborates with Praxis Cashier to launch Backpack Pay

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Backpack, a comprehensive SaaS back office solution, today officially launched Backpack Pay, a smart payments software for accepting payments. The new product was developed in conjunction with Praxis Cashier Systems Ltd, a payments software solutions providers serving fintech companies.

Backpack is known as a comprehensive SaaS platform for back office operations and offers a portfolio of six modules that work together as an integrated solution. Backpack Pay is intended to operate as a payments cashier that can easily integrate with trading platforms such as MT5, MT4 and WOW TRADER as a widget by inserting a few lines of code.

Some of Backpack Pay’s key features as a payment solution include:

  • A payment widget that can be embedded and optimized to create conversations using a single line of JavaScript code.
  • Makes it easy for businesses to accept every major credit and debit cards from customers across the globe in over a hundred unique currencies.
  • Financial teams can use Backpack Pay to report and reconcile financial reports as it can integrate with most existing systems and trading platforms.
  • Backpack Pay has an intuitive user interface that ensures an easy checkout experience for clients through its inbuilt payment gateway, which is responsive, fast and simple.
Yoni Avital, CEO of Backpack

Yoni Avital, CEO of Backpack

The CEO of Backpack, Yoni Avital commented:

Backpack Pay has been tailored to suit the requirements of businesses looking to overcome their payment related obstacles which became a huge challenge for many companies nowadays. It is a matter of great satisfaction for us to team up with an industry leader such as Praxis Cashier for the creation of this cutting edge payment solution.

The founder and director of Praxis Cashier, Amit Klatchko added:

Praxis Cashier is excited to power BackPack Pay with tons of great features. These include: a payment page every merchant can customize on their own, several NEW processors integrated weekly, 150+ existing psp integrations, options for pre-authorization and capturing from one dashboard for multiple psp, unified reporting, smart credit card routing, dynamic limit rules/settings and more! Backpack Pay will get to be amongst the first to use our Praxis Asia tool that gives merchants access to many CUP and South East Asian instant bank transfer solutions from one dashboard. As well as Praxis Gate (PCI Certified) that offers merchants the option of embedding credit card form fields on their own payment form.

Today’s announcement follows Backpack’s recent partnership with ArtuData to provide predictive lead-scoring technology, which was exclusively covered by Leaprate.

Backpack is a supplier of middleware back office systems to general financial services firms, electronic trading firms, and retail brokers. Backpack’s product portfolio covers almost all the back office needs of firms operating within the capital markets sector.

Praxis Cashier created a smart cashier systems for companies in the online gaming, fintech, e-commerce and travel industries. The company’s software simplifies the processing of payments allowing companies using various websites to increase their transaction approval times sometimes by over 15%.

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