Vienna Stock Exchange becomes IT operator for Zagreb Stock Exchange

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The Vienna Stock Exchange announced that has started operating the trading system for the Zagreb Stock Exchange and additionally supplies a service and system package.

The package includes real-time trading surveillance and data dissemination for the Croatian market, index calculation, downstream systems and specific database solutions and interfaces. These services along with the Xetra trading system benefit trading members and investors, as well as the Zagreb Stock Exchange company.

The Vienna Stock Exchange thus becomes the central IT system provider for another emerging market in the CEE region. Presently it supplies infrastructure and services for five markets, including Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. The Vienna Stock Exchange’s system enables trading in 15,000 financial instruments for 154 exchange members and almost 1,800 exchange traders.

We are happy to welcome another stock exchange to our trading system network that offers modern technology and flexible services. This is our key contribution to creating a bridge to international trading and database customers, and to accelerating the integration of the Croatian market into the pan-European economic area,” said Ludwig Nießen, COO & CTO of Wiener Börse AG.

Our cooperation is one of the long-term goals of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, namely to strengthen the domestic and regional capital market, increase visibility and make access easier for international investors,” stressed Ivana Gazic, CEO of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. “We are aiming to widen and internationalize our investor base. We hope that our collaboration will have a positive effect on trading volumes – which is one of our greatest challenges.

The Vienna Stock Exchange and the Zagreb Stock Exchange have been cooperating in the area of data vending since 2014. The Zagreb Stock Exchange has a market capitalization of EUR 31.5 billion and a monthly trading volume of EUR 53 million. It has 17 stock exchange members that trade in the stocks of 151 Croatian companies.

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