TMX Group announces steady results in 4Q and full 2017

TMX Group Limited (TSX:X) has just announced results for the full year and fourth quarter ended December 31, 2017. The highlights include:

  • Diluted earnings per share of $3.63 in Q4/17, up 282% from Q4/16
  • Adjusted diluted earnings per share of $1.22 in Q4/17, up 3% compared with Q4/16
  • Revenue of $170.9 million in Q4/17, down 2% compared with Q4/16, excluding NGX and Shorcan Energy Brokers
  • Revenue up 2% in Q4/17 over Q4/16, excluding NGX, Shorcan Energy Brokers, TMX Atrium and Razor Risk

Commenting on 2017 and looking towards the future, Lou Eccleston, Chief Executive Officer of TMX Group, said:

Our 2017 results were highlighted by the strong performance of some key foundational elements of our core business, including capital formation, as well as by the positive impact of maintaining enterprise-wide cost management discipline. We also made major strides in the advancement of our global growth strategy during the year, most significantly with the acquisition of Trayport, a proven and profitable technology-driven data and analytics business. As we look ahead to 2018 and beyond, we continue our work to leverage new and existing assets to fortify TMX’s position as a world-leading client solutions provider and to drive growth in shareholder returns.

Commenting on operating performance in the fourth quarter of 2017, John McKenzie, Chief Financial Officer of TMX Group, added:

We were very pleased with 12% sequential revenue growth this past quarter compared with the third quarter reflecting growth in almost all of our segments. We had a positive contribution from Trayport, which is now an important component of our business. This business will be important as we expand our geographic reach as well as increase and diversify our mix of recurring revenue.

The complete report can be seen here.

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