MOEX expands commodities derivatives offering

moex moscow exchange

Moscow Exchange (MOEX) has informed the public that it will expand its expands commodities derivatives offering. As of 11 October 2019 physically delivered silver futures will begin trading on MOEX. The new contract will complement MOEX’s commodity derivatives offering, which currently includes gold futures.

Currently, Moscow Exchange offers 64 futures contracts and options on the futures. The market’s ADTV has been RUB 329.8 bn year to date.

The new instrument expands the on-exchange precious metals market and provides additional trading opportunities to both private investors and professional participants (banks and brokers) as well as precious metals market including jewelry companies and non-ferrous metal working plants.

The contract will be quoted in rubles per gram. It will expire monthly. The contract size is ten grams. Contracts series for three expiration months will be available coincidently. The contract’s ticker symbol is SL.

Silver will be delivered to MOEX’s spot precious metals market.

The MOEX Derivatives Market is the largest trading venue for derivative financial instruments across Russia and Eastern Europe.

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