Cboe’s year-on-year ADV for June takes a jump

Cboe Global Markets has today released its monthly trading report for June. The report shows an overall increase compared to both the previous month and year-on-year options trading volumes. On top of this, there is also year-to-date trading increases.

June saw Cboe carry out 264,230,000 options contracts. This made for an ADV of 12,010,000 contracts. This is a stark contrast to the futures contracts, which saw decreases across the previous month, year-to-date and in comparison to last June.

Compared to May, there is a 20.1% increase in the total volume and a 9.2% increase in the ADV(Average Daily Volume). The reason for the disparity in percentage growth between the total volume and the ADV is that June saw 22 trading days, and May only saw 20 trading days. This means that, although June saw a significant increase in total trading growth, the average volume saw a less significant level of growth.

Cboe Global Markets

The June 2021 growth, when compared to June 2020, was in line for both the total volume growth and ADV growth. Increasing from 234,193,000 to 264,230,000 total contracts, this translates as a 12.8% increase. The ADV has increased from 10,645,000 to 12,010,000. As the number of trading days are the same for both, the percentage growth is also the same at 12.8%.

The year-to-date figures also show a rise when compared to the previous year. YTD figures to June 2020 showed 1,291,792,000 options contracts. YTD figures to June 2021 showed 1,472,290,000 options contracts. This is a percentage increase of 14%. The ADV totals show a slightly better increase of 14.9%. This is due to there being 124 total trading days up to June 2021 compared to 125 total trading days up to June 2020.

The growth in options contracts follows on from the growth in FX trading volume for Cboe. While the percentage increase wasn’t as pronounced as options, sitting at 2.6%, it still showed some growth compared to May.

As already mentioned, this is a contrast to futures contracts for Cboe. On a yearly basis, there is a 0.9% decrease for both the total contracts and the ADV. Compared to the previous month, there is a 24.9% fall for total contracts and 31.7% for ADV. The year-to-date figures show a1.5% drop for total contracts and 0.7% for ADV.

Last week, Cboe Global Markets announced completing the acquisition of Chi-X Asia Pacific Holdings, Ltd, an alternative market operator and provider of market solutions. With this move, Cboe benefits from an entrance into two of the world’s largest securities markets – Japan and Australia which allows the company to establish a significant presence in the Asia Pacific region for the first time.


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