Boerse Stuttgart reports August turnover in excess of EUR 6.1 billion

Boerse Stuttgart volumes

Boerse Stuttgart announced that the total figure for turnover at the exchange in August 2017 was more than EUR 6.1 billion.

The biggest contribution was made by securitised derivatives. The volume of trading in this asset class came to EUR 2.7 billion, around 10 percent up on the previous month. Turnover in August from leverage products was nearly 16 percent higher at roughly EUR 1.4 billion. Derivative investment products generated turnover of over EUR 1.3 billion, 4 percent up on the figure for July.

Turning to equities, the order book shows turnover of around EUR 1.3 billion. German equities contributed EUR 910 million to this total. Trading in international equities produced turnover of EUR 360 million, up nearly 7 percent on the previous month.

Trading in debt instruments (bonds) ended the month in the region of EUR 1.1 billion, with corporate bonds leading the way at more than EUR 831 million.

According to the order book, exchange-traded products recorded turnover in excess of EUR 920 million over the month, an increase of more than 7 percent on the July figure. Investment fund units contributed a further EUR 114 million to the total, ending the month around 51 percent higher compared with August 2016.

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Boerse Stuttgart reports August turnover in excess of EUR 6.1 billion

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