129 more German stocks now trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange

Top listings of NYSE and Nasdaq tradable on the global market of the Vienna Stock Exchange

The Vienna Stock Exchange announced that has expanded its range of international securities by adding additional stocks from German indices.

Apart from the 30 largest German stocks, which have been trading in Vienna for the past eleven weeks, 129 further stocks have now been added to the quotation list of the global market segment launched in June. Interested investors can buy and sell well-known companies on the Viennese stock market ranging from A as in Axel Springer SE, to B as in Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. KgaA as well as Z as in Zalando SE. The Austrian software provider S&T AG is also trading again on its home market.

At present Austrian investors invest a large share of their portfolio in foreign stocks. The Vienna Stock Exchange offers these investors a one-stop-shop on their home market. As market-maker, Baader Bank ensures attractive prices in continuous trading from 9:00 to 17:30 hrs. Narrow spreads and high volumes make it possible for the orders of private investors to be fully executed at prices that are in line with reference markets.

Investors trade on their home market at local fees. Our global market enables domestic investors to trade international stocks at low fees. After all, they want to invest their money rather than spending it on fees,” said CEO of Wiener Börse AG Christoph Boschan. “We are consistently pursuing our goal of becoming the main marketplace for Austrian investors. We will continue to smooth the way to attractive investment opportunities for interested investors and come up with relevant innovations,” he added.

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