Bats ETF Implied Liquidity Feed now available on Money.Net

Money.Net, the innovative new financial information provider, is the first platform distribution partner to offer this new product

Bats, a CBOE Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CBOE) company announced that its Bats ETF Implied Liquidity Feed is now available for use on Money.Net platforms.

The Bats ETF Implied Liquidity Feed, which is the first of its kind, measures the implied liquidity of a fund using select data points, which includes information regarding the ETF’s underlying securities. The feed is designed for all investors looking to obtain an accurate and indicative representation of the value of an ETF intraday, distinct from other common metrics, like average daily volume or Net Asset Value.

The information provided by the feed has a range of uses throughout the ETF trading lifecycle. Pre-trade, the feed allows investors to understand the true liquidity picture when selecting investable ETFs, and better estimate trading costs before placing orders.

  • During trading, the feed will allow investors to adjust limits to enhance the probability of orders being filled, and evaluate block-trading proposals in real-time, knowing where to trade in size.
  • Post trade, investors can use the feed as a reference to measure trades against historical implied quotes and size. In analyzing the data, investors can optimize their approach to trade at liquidity peaks.

Kevin Carrai, Vice President, Market Data and Access Services, said:

As investors navigate an increasingly large and liquid U.S. ETF market, new data sets and tools are more important than ever. The Bats ETF Implied Liquidity feed is created specifically to cater to increasing demands for greater transparency intraday, and we are encouraged that a leading financial information platform like Money.Net recognizes the value this data provides to its broad range of customers.

Added Morgan Downey, CEO of Money.Net:

Like Bats, we strive to provide as much information as possible to enable investors to make more-informed, better trading decisions. The Bats ETF Implied Liquidity Feed gives, amongst other things, a view of how easy it might be to enter or exit an ETF position, which is critical for investors of every sort as the use of these instruments continues to grow. Money.Net is committed to offering the best available data to our customers immediately, and we are delighted to be the first market data platform provider to offer access to this new Bats feed as a growing number of our institutional customers express interest in additional ETF data and analytics.

Bats ETF Implied Liquidity data is available to Money.Net customers starting June 1st, 2017.

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