Daily market commentary: The US Dollar records gains following Fed’s announcement of a 25 basis point rate cut

Daily Market analysis

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The US Dollar recorded gains, following yesterday’s announcement of a 25 basis point rate cut by the Fed. It Is counterintuitive that a rate cut is followed by a strengthening of the currency, but in this case the explanation lies in Jerome Powell’s speech, which followed the announcement.

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve started off by saying that the cut is only a mid-cycle adjustment, but left all options on the table, including further cuts but also the possibility of a new cycle of hikes. The confusion generated by these conflicting messages disappointed those expecting a more clearly dovish tone, offering support to the Dollar which is up almost 0.4% against a basket of other currencies during early Thursday trading.

Ricardo Evangelista – Senior Analyst, ActivTrades


European markets opened lower on Thursday, extending the losses recorded in the previous session, following Jerome Powell’s speech. Yesterday’s decline on stocks took place after investors were strongly disappointed by the tone of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve during the press conference, as the central banker gave mixed signals regaring the next policy moves.

The FOMC delivered its expected 25 basis point rate cut but Powell’s speech was surprising hawkish as he left all options open for the Fed: from further rate cuts to another rate hike cycle. In theory, a hawkish central banker should reassure investors about the strength of the economy, however, lingering problems related to the current U.S.-China trade war are a concern for many.

With the FED out of the way, traders will now focus on tomorrow’s U.S. job report and in Europe, investors will pay attention to the BoE’s policy decision due today as everybody wonders how Mark Carney is going to react to the pressure on the Pound due to rising economic and political uncertainty. The FTSE-100 stopped its decline after having found a strong technical support over 7,475.0pts but volatility spikes may take place this afternoon during Carney’s speech.

Pierre Veyret– Technical analyst, ActivTrades

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