Exclusive interview: Andrey Stoychev talks about RokSure liquidity company recent launch

Exclusive interview: Andrey Stoychev talks about RokSure liquidity company recent launch

LeapRate Exclusive… Andrey Stoychev has been in the industry business for more than 15 years. He is highly skilled in capital markets, OTC instruments trading and risk management. Stoychev is a frequent lecturer at financial and investment forums, seminars and conferences, and he also is a regular guest in financial programmes at professional TV and radio stations. He joined JFD last year as Head of Liquidity Structuring, later promoted to Executive Director Trading and a Board Member of the company.

LeapRate learned that just few months ago he started his own company. He joins us today to tell us all about it in details.

LR: Hi Andrey, thank you for joining LeapRate today. You have a brand new company now, congratulations! Tell us more about RokSure and the people behind it.

Andrey: Thank you for having me, it is a pleasure for me to speak with you today. Indeed, RokSure is only a few months old as a company, however, I feel it has been there for much longer. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the people on the team for many years. The people behind RokSure are top FX and trading industry experts. Although a relatively young team, between ourselves we have more than a century of combined experience which is truly remarkable. I am honoured to be able to work with such people every day.

LR: Prior to RokSure you were an Executive Director Trading and Board Member at JFD Bank. What happened with JFD? Still working together?

Andrey: We have an excellent relationship with JFD Bank. During my time at JFD I believe we were able to achieve a lot, and I am very much still in contact with the team there. We have some ongoing projects together which are going well and I hope we can build on them even further.

LR: What kinds of services RokSure provides?

Andrey: On a high level RokSure provides consulting and operational services to companies in the FX and CFD trading industry. Stepping on the massive experience of the team, we have identified three main areas where we can add value – Risk Management, Trading Business Optimisation and Liquidity. To put this in a more practical perspective, we help financial companies manage their risk and liquidity better as well as improve their business processes in reporting, partner management, sales and support administration, and marketing. We do this by either consulting them or directly taking over the operations and doing it for them.

LR: What are your company’s business values?

Andrey: There are a few very simple rules which I believe everyone should adopt if they want to be successful as well as respected when doing business. At RokSure we believe in fairness and full commitment – to the task at hand, to our partners, to their results, to the values of excellence and integrity. Keeping things simple and effective is how we operate and what we preach to our partners.

LR: What excites you most about the trading industry and what qualities do you think one must have to be successful in this profession?

Andrey: I truly enjoy the trading industry for its dynamics and to some extent the unpredictability. There are so many components which need to work together in this vast field of products, services, platforms, etc. Every day is a challenge which I look forward to and always try to do my best in order to move forward. Commitment, can-do attitude and responsibility are probably the main qualities to have in this industry. But these are also the qualities that will move you forward in life in general, aren’t they?

LR: What are your views on the important trends that may emerge and make an impact on the industry in the next few years?

Andrey: From a business perspective there is always the regulatory framework. This will continue to be a forming factor in the industry with more regulators tightening their restrictions. They pose challenges to existing companies as well as create barriers for new market entrants. Another big trend I see is the increasing introduction of trading within the banking and money transferring sectors. This will give birth to some very interesting products and services I think – blending these together. There are few innovative products in this direction already and more will follow.

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