TradAir adds crypto enhancements to its trading platform

Tradair launches white label trading technology

Trading technology solutions provider TradAir has just announced that it has made enhancements to its flagship trading solution to make it more dynamic for crypto currency traders and clients in growth markets. This is the first major platform update since the arrival of new Chief Technology Officer, Sebastien Donadio.

All crypto trades have been marked independently, making it easier for the user to analyses and configure each asset class and instrument type, which include crypto currencies, Spot FX, FX Swaps, Forwards & CFDs. In addition, One Cancels Other (OCO) order types have been bolstered with intelligent execution for larger trade sizes.

The Smart Order Routing (SoR) infrastructure has been algorithmically enhanced to increase the sophistication of liquidity aggregation execution, which has increased performance and fill ratio improvements by up to 20%.

Tick data has been added to TradAir Analytics TLA, providing users with fill analysis across metrics including liquidity provider and time zone, enabling clients are to analyze best execution based on volatility and market activity.

Ayal Jedeikin

Ayal Jedeikin

We are seeing a huge growth in cryptocurrency trading on our platform” said Ayal Jedeikin, CEO of TradAir. “Volume is increasing exponentially in our cash and crypto CFD instruments so it’s important that our platform provides an exceptional trading experience. This is the first large release under our new CTO, Sebastien Donadio, since he joined us earlier this year and our clients can look forward to more performance improvements in the coming weeks and months.

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