HBUS launches fiat-to-crypto trading on Huobi.com


HBUS, operators of U.S. digital asset marketplace, Huobi.com, has just announced that it has launched fiat-to-crypto trading.

HBUS has announced the rebranding of their retail trading service from HBUS.com to Huobi.com last month.

Huobi.com clients can now make USD deposits and withdrawals ($100 USD minimum), and trade against bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT).

Fiat services and the USD wallet will be provided by HBUS’s partner Prime Trust, a US financial institution and chartered trust company registered in the state of Nevada that provides custodian and escrow services for fiat money transactions and digital assets. In order for customers to open a USD wallet and trade fiat, they will be required to complete the KYC process through Huobi.com and open a custodial account with Prime Trust.

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive global platform that serves all the needs of digital asset traders, starting with the U.S.,” said HBUS CEO, Frank Fu. “We know that advanced security practices, dedication to U.S. compliance, and quality assets will be key considerations for attracting new retail and institutional customers. Today marks a major milestone for our team and our customers as fiat-to-crypto trading commences. People new to digital assets can start trading seamlessly on the Huobi Marketplace. We look forward to delivering more innovative financial products and services for our customers this year.


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