Neufund teams up with to unlock tokenization in the financial market

Neufund presents a public offering of equity on the blockchain

Neufund, the end-to-end primary issuance platform for security tokens, has announced that it is partnering with trading facility,, to bring much needed liquidity to tokenized real-world assets. This alliance follows previous secondary market partnerships with BitBayBinance, and MSX of Malta Stock Exchange.

Neufund’s set of protocols for enhanced ownership allows anyone to give real-world assets a representation on the blockchain in the form of legally-binding security tokens. Neufund will enable companies to tokenize equity in a form of legally binding Equity Tokens and offer them listing on secondary markets provided by will become a secondary market for security tokens tokenized by Neufund, thus including blockchain-based investment assets into existing financial markets. Additionally, is the first secondary market partner from Liechtenstein, a country developing a Crypto Valley similar to that in Zug, Switzerland and Malta. Liechtenstein aims to become a preferred destination for blockchain companies to locate and do business.

I personally look forward to working closely with Neufund, with the common goal of transforming how financial markets work,” said Luka Gubo, CEO of, “Building a whole ecosystem for the tokenization of assets is a major step toward the future of financial markets. We are especially impressed with Neufund’s approach to fully regulated equity token issuance, and the services they provide to issuers all while having a great team.

Neufund will soon host its first Security Token Offering on its primary market. Thanks to the partnerships, tokens can be later on tradable on secondary market partners of Neufund, including

Zoe Adamovicz

Zoe Adamovicz

We are really happy to work with We both share the common goal of bringing much needed liquidity to tokenized real-world assets, including private equity,” explained Zoe Adamovicz, CEO and Co-founder at Neufund. “Tokenizing securities is one, enabling their secondary trading is a whole different story. Neufund is the first tokenization protocol and primary market for securities, that establishes secondary market partnership with trading facilities such as Binance, BitBay, MSX of Malta Stock Exchange and now

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