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August 25, 2022 BY Steffy Bogdanova

As demand for Visa Tokens Services surges, the tokes surpass physical cards in circulation

According to the official announcement, E-commerce volume has increased by over 50% since the beginning of the pandemic. With that growth come customer requirements for safety. The Visa Token Service replaces the 16-digit Visa account numbers with a digital token only Visa can unlock, helping to protect the underlying account information. Forestell added: This milestone…

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October 26, 2021 BY Steffy Bogdanova

DFSA introduces regulation for investment tokens

Peter Smith, Managing Director, Head of Strategy, Policy and Risk at the DFSA said: Creating an ecosystem for innovative firms to thrive in the UAE is a key priority for both the UAE and Dubai Governments, and the DFSA. Our consultation on Investment Tokens enabled us to understand what firms were looking for in a…

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New BIS report cites “internalization” by large banks for 7% volume drop
November 14, 2019 BY Valentina Kirilova

ConsenSys reports Asset Management space ripe for blockchain solutions

ConsenSys, a Brooklyn-based blockhain software development company, has released a report about the potential of blockchain technology to disrupt and enhance the morass of back office processes that support the asset management business sector. While material benefits are available for all participants, the report notes “the industry itself needs to transform if its to realize…

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IBMR launches a macroeconomic stablecoin for Southeast Asia
February 06, 2019 BY Valentina Kirilova

IBMR launches a macroeconomic stablecoin for Southeast Asia

IBMR.io, a social impact economic development reserve and advisory, has just announced the launch of the Asia Reserve Currency Coin (ARCC). ARCC is a macroeconomic stablecoin that will be used to support and amplify the economic development of emerging markets in Southeast Asia. IBMR.io is founded by the former Vice Chairman of True Money Philippines, Sinjin…

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Neufund presents a public offering of equity on the blockchain
September 27, 2018 BY Valentina Kirilova

Neufund teams up with Blocktrade.com to unlock tokenization in the financial market

Neufund, the end-to-end primary issuance platform for security tokens, has announced that it is partnering with trading facility, Blocktrade.com, to bring much needed liquidity to tokenized real-world assets. This alliance follows previous secondary market partnerships with BitBay, Binance, and MSX of Malta Stock Exchange. Neufund’s set of protocols for enhanced ownership allows anyone to give real-world assets…

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