Japan Content Token up above 1,000% overnight growth


It’s not only Bitcoin that is seeing a nice pump in its value. Japan Content Token or JCT has managed to enter the top 100 alt coins by market cap on May 7th, 2019. It is currently ranked 67th according to the CoinMarketCap.com.

Japan Content Token is an Ethereum-based token that serves reportedly as a “combined platform for the issuance and re-sale/auction of ownership certification”. The main goal is to allow users to use their JCT coins as loyalty points in order to help different businesses manage loyalty programs.

Investors are taking note of this huge surge, and the coin is now trading at roughly $0.27 per coin as of time of this writing.

However, as reported by Hacked, the company’s website does not include much information about the cryptocurrency and the technology of blockchain. According to another description from February, 2019:

Tourists visiting Japan and leveraging the Japan Content Token will have access to tickets, reservations rights, and extra credits. On top of all these benefits, the project also allows a resale of tickets and reservations. The platform that the project uses for ticket distribution is JaCKET. All the content is backed by DiscoverJapan, one of the most popular and reliable magazines for tourists as well as natives alike.

There is no clear view as to why the value of the coin has risen so much or whether the increase is expected to sustain in the near future.

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