The world’s first Blockchain/AI/VR product now live

The company, VR Entertainment World, is releasing its groundbreaking product – MoCo, a platform that combines the best of today’s world in a way – blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality, as well as data and video compression.

The team building Moco announced today, as reported by PRWeb that they have essentially launched the first “3D/AR/VR/MR platform that combines artificial intelligence, tokenized marketplaces and payments, and state-of-the-art video compression”.

Behind the innovative product, stands a revolutionary idea – the way we communicate has changed how we perceive the world and how we can communicate our thoughts. While there are millions of ICOs and blockchain projects out there, none of them is currently combining all three technologies – VR, AI and blockchain. The MoCo team is creating a 3D virtual reality that mimics communication and dialogues in the real world. What users will be able to do is create a 3D virtual avatar, already existent on the MoCo platform and then infuse your gestures and “personality” in a sense to the avatar.

The technology that will allow for this “personality infusion” is the real-time 4K 360 degrees VR data that is empowered by AI-compressed information. The added value to that is the ability of the MoCo product to compress huge amount of data (for example, 2 GB video into a 22MB one with more or less same high quality). The speed and quality of the data compression is what makes MoCo a truly unique platform.

This is where the AI / VR part plays its role. What about the blockchain part? The MoCo platform will be based on the MoCo Token for users to pay for different types of subscriptions, products like chats, videos and all things related to the possibilities offered by the VR platform. With around 8 billion tokens, MoCo is already available for pre-sale, which began on June 20thand will end on July 19th.

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