Monax announces public beta platform launch


Monax, a company that develops digital legal systems, today announced that it the beta launch of its Monax platform was now available to the public. The platform is a workspace built around business relationships, which allows users to capitalize on digital contracts to mitigate risk and to operate efficiently.

The Monax platform is targeted at small to medium-sized enterprises as it allows them to track, model, and visualize all their contractual obligations in real-time within a secure digital environment.

The company hopes to replicate the platform’s success as demonstrated during its December 2018 private beta launch.

Co-Founder and CEO of Monax, Casey Kuhlman commented that:

We are thrilled to announce the public beta launch of the Monax Platform. Through this ecosystem, we are able to provide a solutions suite to vexing problems that was simply not possible with previous generations of technology. Namely, legal relationships facilitated on our platform allow users to dynamically track their obligations in real-time using a system that adapts to changing conditions along the lifecycle of the contract.

He also added that:

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, we are decentralizing business collaborations, which will allow global scale and a transformation in how contracting works in the digital age.


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