Monax Platform launches in Beta

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Monax has announced the private beta launch of its Monax Platform, as the latest in its line of smart contract products.

Casey Kuhlman, CEO and Co-founder of Monax, commented on the news:

We’re excited to bring another blockchain solution to the legal field and see how this will benefit ancillary industries such as entrepreneurship, music, real estate, and beyond. By leveraging smart contract technology we can make legal processes more efficient and solve real-world business problems.

The Monax Platform includes two components:

  1. Monax Deal Space – clients can delegate and coordinate team tasks, automate repetitive tasks, track the state of development of contractual obligations, perform audits on legal obligations, and access quality legal products that suit a variety of needs;
  2. Monax Legal Products Studio – clients can create, test and market their work product in a like-minded community.

Kuhlman concluded:

At Monax, we believe that if we make it easier for legal professionals to turn their work into software-based legal products, it will benefit the legal system as whole. The traditional legal system was one of the least digitized industries, and we’re setting out to make sure that we build the tools necessary to make the legal products better and more suited to the digital age.

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