General Motors on automated cars and blockchain

Blockchain has surely entered another phase of its development. According to The Statista, the blockchain market can reach the staggering $2.3 billion by 2021. Other statistics suggest even more brighter future for the technology and its applications.

General Motors is now also considering a special blockchain patent for managing its automated car fleet. According to the patent application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, automated cars will be able to “share” data among “each other”, since all of their info will be stored on a distributed ledger. The filing was submitted by the GM Global Technology Operations LLC.

As reported by CoinDesk:

“It is desirable to provide locations information and densities of vehicles in regions in an online blockchain ledger for interoperable information sharing between vehicles of participants for use in navigating routes.”

The proposed application will also allow independent platforms to exchange information between each other. This will ease the ticketing process, the information sharing between municipalities, airports, etc.

General Motors is working hard on creating such automated vehicles, which will be available some time next year, according to press. In addition, the company is heavily thinking about the next generation of vehicles and blockchain solutions.

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