SatanCoin – what’s next?

With the surge of thousands of ICOs each month, and the unbelievable growth of the digital currency industry, the next coin in line is not other but the SatanCoin.

The SatanCoin was created to serve no real purpose except for the fun part of ICOs and tokens. The web page states:“Damned are thy mortal coins”. It is definitely amusing to realize the humor behind the SatanCoin. The Coin is supposed to put you through “eternal damnation” with the help of Satan and Ethereum. The creators have put the following title on the website:

“Any holder of this coin has been deceived into believing it has value. It has no more value than any other currency, but it will additionally cause tragedy in mortal life.” 

The team that created SantaCoin are to issue only 666 coins, with the specification that 1 Satan equals 0,0666 ETH. The funding rounds are nine, with “each round of funding will catapult the buyers deeper into the abyss. Only 74 coins will be available per round.”

The “Blackpaper” states:

For millennia, Satan has been silently plotting to
unleash His master plan against mankind. Deception and
greed are more prevalent than ever before in modern
society, and so, Satan shall expand His campaign of evil
into the realm of cryptocurrency. When all goes
according to His plan, Satan Coin shall be the catalyst
that ultimately brings forth the end of times

The major “use” of SatanCoin will be to turn to master of Hell, once you have the coin. Others, namely those who do not buy it, are peasants.

The SatanCoin is a clever way to stress the enormous amount of tokens and ICOs that go to fund numerous sectors and products.


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SatanCoin - what's next?

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