Khokholskaya Agricultural Company, Russia, to use an ICO for dairy production increase

The well established Russian agricultural company, Khokholskaya, decided to turn to digital currencies and an ICO to boost production. The upgrade will be used for the funding of a dairy farm. The company is going to release the MilkCoin. 

Since the demand in Russia is significantly high for dairy products and agriculture, there is a huge market for the innovative approach of Khokholskaya company with the launch of the ICO. The team of MilkCoin include agriculture specialists, entrepreneurs in the wholesale/retail space and construction project managers.

Cointelegraph also reported:

“MilkCoin believe that they will be able to fund their dairy farm with funds received through the ICO, as well as help with the Russian demand for foodstuffs after a shortage through the entire year. Additionally, as an investment model, MilkCoin believes the coming together of this high in demand government back business, with a popular funding tool like an ICO, can return dividends of up to 70 percent.” 

The idea behind MilkCoin is to build a dairy farm in the Voronezh region of Russia. According to the White Paper submitted by MilkCoin, the farm will be a vertically integrated milk production complex for 2400 dairy cows/cultivated areas of 3500 hectares of land.  

In addition, the funding of the farm through an ICO, will trigger the “decentralization” that should ensure the independence of the project from the influence of state-owned and large companies.

In the White Paper, MilkCoin states:  

The project is designed to completely fit the ideology of a national priority project for agricultural production and is of particular importance both for the region and for the whole country.” 



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