CoinAnalyst’s Pre-ICO ends earlier through cooperation with ShareRing

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The Australian blockchain project ShareRing has informed the public that it enters into a partnership with the Frankfurt company CoinAnalyst, which launched its Pre-ICO on June 21st and enters the regular ICO phase on July 7th. Through this cooperation CoinAnalyst can successfully and prematurely terminate its Pre-ICO.

The startup CoinAnalyst from Frankfurt that offers an AI-based Big Data Analytics platform, launched its Pre-ICO on June 21. This is the phase prior to the public sale of the tokens, in which only selected investors can invest exclusively. The CoinAnalyst tokens can either be traded on crypto currency exchanges or used to acquire the usage rights of CoinAnalyst.

The ShareRing blockchain project is an Australian company developing a platform to make blockchain technology and AI accessible to all users. CoinAnalyst’s technology is a perfect solution for this, as it can be used to perform sentiment analyses and validate online comments, for example.

High-tech will be part of consumers’ everyday lives without them even knowing it,” said Tim Bos, CEO of ShareRing.

As part of the partnership, ShareRing agreed to purchase tokens from CoinAnalyst, also known as COY, worth 2,000 ETHs. In return, CoinAnalyst invested 2,000 ETH in SHR tokens, which will soon be tradable on stock exchanges. This cooperation led to the pre-ICO of CoinAnalyst being terminated prematurely.

We see a lot of potential in this partnership and are very pleased about the future cooperation with ShareRing”, added Pascal Lauria, CEO and founder of CoinAnalyst.

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