The potential partnership between Binance and Ripple


The CEO OF Binance, Mr. Changpeng Zhao, recently held a Q&A sessions and shared some potential projects Binance might soon be working on. His said that his has the desire to form a partnership with Ripple and utilize xRapid.

The more interesting news is that Zhao expressed a desire to add XRP pairs on the Binance exchange in the near future. He said while there is no clear plan as to when the implementation of XRP will occur, he said that he hopes to add the coin once the exchange ensures there is adequate liquidity for them.

The CEO seems to be supporting a broader growth of the entire crypto ecosystem. He did not provide many details on how the xRapid will be utilized, but potential value is on the rise.

According to ICOExaminer, much attention was paid to the launch of Binance Chain. The new platform will house the exchange’s own decentralized exchange (DEX), but excluding the smart features. All of this innovation will enable faster transactions and lower transactions costs.

Binance Chain is special in the sense that it will only support only a very small number of validators. This will be for improved performance purposes. However, the criticism towards Binance is that the new Chain is not so decentralized, as it has a “clear development team”.

Binance is certainly making progress in the crypto space and the new developments ahead, the potential partnership with Ripple and the success of the exchange’s own coin are all proofs of that.


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