MyCrypto acquires Ambo, expands into mobile


MyCrypto, Inc. has just announced that it has acquired Ambo, a company that aims to make cryptocurrency easy through the development of crypto wallets. With this move, MyCrypto will leverage Ambo’s technology and talent to build a suite of cross-platform mobile tools for mainstream digital asset investors.

The open-source blockchain interface plans to expand into mobile with the help of Ambo.

Ambo is a platform that allows users to acquire and hold their own assets, and interact with popular DeFi protocols like 0x and Augur. The company is founded by Jai Bhavnani, and joined by CTO Richter Brzeski and CMO Jack Lipstone.

Taylor Monahan, CEO of MyCrypto said:

Seeing how Jai and the entire Ambo team have prioritized serving the a new young audience has been amazing; their user research and experience has been different than ours as they target inexperienced and mainstream investors from the start. A lot of what they have done just made sense and made me wonder why we hadn’t thought of that. The team, their vision, and their products were instantly attractive for those reasons.

Ambo will be launching its products with their long-expected iOS app under the MyCrypto umbrella, and Android and web interfaces will follow.

One of the biggest lessons we learned from the 2017 bull-run and subsequent crash was just how under-utilized tokens are,” commented CEO of Ambo, Jai Bhavnani. “We want to give people an easy way to actually use and gain value from the amazing tokens and protocols being developed beyond simple speculation. We’re excited to work with such an amazing team and look forward to helping make MyCrypto the flagship desktop wallet.

All products will undergo a full security audit prior to launching and MyCrypto’s HackerOne program will be expanded to cover new products as they launch.

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