Decred (DCR) lists on OKCoin’s digital asset exchange

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Decred (DCR), a community-led cryptocurrency, yesterday announced that it had officially listed on OKCoin, a fiat-to-crypto exchange, which is its first pairing with a fiat currency within the United States.

The listing will allow authorized OKCoin users to withdraw and deposit their Decred (DCR) holdings, and as from today they will also be able to trade against Bitcoin (BTC), the US dollar (USD) and Ethereum (ETH).

OKCoin recently added Tron (TRX) to its digital asset exchange in January.

Jake Yocom-Piatt, Project Lead for Decred

Jake Yocom-Piatt, Project Lead for Decred

The Project Lead for Decred, Jake Yocom-Piatt commented:

Our listing with OKCoin provides us with a significant fiat on-ramp, which offers greater access and ease-of-use to those looking to join the Decred community. We’re building Decred to last for generations to come, which means giving coin holders a true stake in where the currency goes. The more participation in Decred, the closer we come to the ideal of a decentralized future ruled by the collective intelligence of a broad and robust community.

Currently, crypto users have to purchase either ethereum or bitcoin using fiat currencies before using the two digital currencies to buy their preferred altcoins. Given the growing popularity of digital assets, the demand for a direct way of buying altcoins using fiat currencies has increased. However, only a few altcoins can be purchased directly using fiat currency and Decred is now part of this group. The Decred-OKCoin listing is a major step towards the mainstream acceptance of crypto currencies as the global financial system evolves.

Tim Buyn, CEO OKCoin

Tim Buyn, CEO OKCoin

The CEO of OKCoin, Tim Byun added:

Our listing of Decred aligns with our mission of making more digital assets accessible to the world. We are particularly impressed with Decred’s community-driven focus, as miners and non-miners alike are empowered to provide input, as well as vote on feature enhancements and recommendations for new tools. Decred’s approach fosters community growth, creating a project that is built to last.

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