CoinBene adds BOScoin to its global exchange

Lingxi ,China Finance Online Co. Limited

CoinBene, the secure crypto asset exchange with 1.5 million users in 150 countries, has announced the addition of BOScoin to its exchange. BOScoin is a Self-Evolving Blockchain Platform for Public Financing.

Public Financing creates credit, not through decisions made by a central bank or government, but through the collective consensus of individuals who use and trade real credit. Unlike other blockchain platforms, BOScoin has already introduced a governance system called the Congress Network to give its participants decision-making powers by developing the first, one person – one vote governance protocol.

The BOScoin community can propose, review, and vote on new token issuance through the Congress Network. The community as a whole has financial sovereignty, rather than it being given to a concentrated few. The community members determine through a Trust Contract the size, volume, and base price of issuance, as well as the terms of its usage. Real economic assets acquired through the issuance of BOScoins will be used by the community as commons, and thus Public Financing will remain “public.”

It’s a pleasure to be on one of the biggest exchanges in the cryptocurrency market,” said Yezune Choi, CEO of BlockchainOS. “Our MainNet will be released in the coming months, and the partnership with CoinBene will help us focus on the growth of BOScoin.

This partnership reinforces CoinBene’s commitment to the crypto market, offering the largest and most interesting amount of digital currencies to customers,” added Feng Bo, Vice President of CoinBene Global and CEO of CoinBene Brazil. “We want to become the exchange that customers have always dreamed of, and having good assets like BOScoin just proves that we are on the right track.

One of the largest crypto asset exchanges in the world, CoinBene averages US $4 billion in transactions per month. The company, launched in November 2017, focuses on high performance to meet the needs of a growing number of clients and customers.

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