100 times faster than Nasdaq – the world’s fastest cryptocurrency exchange solution

Bullish on their customers’ success, Modulus is one of the US companies that develop superb trading technologies for exchanges. Modulus creates the latest high-tech solutions for trading platforms of all sort, while providing the full “package” of services like financial programming, risk management etc.

The company has just announced that it is launching the world’s fastest cryptocurrency exchange option available so far – with latency of 40 nanoseconds.

The CEO of Modulus, Richard Gardner, commented on the company’s newest solution, as reported by PR Web:

“Accomplishing this was not easy. This required two decades of trial and error, but I believe we have finally set a new world record for exchange matching performance – not only for cryptocurrency exchanges, but also for equities, derivatives, and other exchanges as well.”

The major breakthrough in Modulus’ new solution is in fact the short latency time that users will have to experience. Just for comparison, 40 nanoseconds is equal to 40 billionths of one second, meaning that the speed is around 100 times faster than Nasdaq’s, as described by Modulus.

The new platform will also allow for monitoring of market manipulation, any signs of misconduct on the trading platform all powered by machine learning technology.

Another interesting aspect of the new solution is that the whole platform was built on Google’s programming language GO, which is specifically designed for such high-scale, complex tools.

Modulus is hopeful that in times when governments are wary of cryptocurrencies on their potential to be used for illegal activities, the new solution that offers speed and safety measures will help the industry get a better reputation and usage in due course.


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