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July 06, 2018 BY Mariela Naydenova

100 times faster than Nasdaq - the world's fastest cryptocurrency exchange solution

Bullish on their customers' success, Modulus is one of the US companies that develop superb trading technologies for exchanges. Modulus creates the latest high-tech solutions for trading platforms of all sort, while providing the full "package" of services like financial programming, risk management etc. The company has just announced that it is launching the world's…

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May 29, 2018 BY Mariela Naydenova

What else is the Rothschild family controlling - cryptocurrencies

The Rothschilds, one of the wealthiest family dynasties in the world, has been rumored to “rule the world” of banking, politics and essentially all major economic drivers of the modern world. With the advancement of cryptocurrencies, the name and associated power of the Rothschild family is lurking all over again. Now, the founder of Ethereum,…

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