Google’s interest in Ethereum Classic

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Ethereum, along with other major alt coins, has taken a major price decrease since its glory days in 2017, when the coin was trading for as high as $1,500. While the price may be going down, the interest in Ethereum Classic is not subsiding at all. As with many major alt coins, the price of Ethereum may be decreasing, but the applications of the coin – rising.

The latest example comes from Google’s interest in Ethereum. The big data analytics platform of the company, BigQuery, just recently added Ethereum, along with other digital coins, to its network of support. What this will do is ease technologists to search the blockchain for any specific data.

The end-users of BigQuery, essentially different businesses and enterprises, will be able to search for very specific pieces of information on the blockchain. For example, according to Coindesk, OriginalMy is a verification and voting company, whose operations are backed by by blockchain, will be able to for authenticated date of publication for a piece of media they are interested in.

Essentially, Big Query will allow companies to rely on it for any such information, and to not store additional backups and local databases.

According to press, Big Query is filling a very niche gap of blockchain business, since it bridges the gap between “people who are very familiar with the blockchain data structure and technologists who are more familiar with querying other types of data”.

The announcement is a big win for the ETC community, as it is trying to get the digital coin in broader markets and industries.

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