The Wall Coin – or Trump’s future funding of the Border Wall

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Donald Trump has often stated that he plans to build a wall across the border of the US with Mexico to prevent illegal Mexican people pouring into the US. Many were outraged by such claims during his presidential candidacy and campaign in 2016. Fast forward to 2018, the idea of building the wall is not gone yet.

In fact, according to media outlets, the 45th US President wants around $5 billion to build the wall. While Trump is now threatening to shut down the government, if he does not receive funds to complete his project, a US Congressman has proposed a rather interesting funding initiative to fulfil the President’s wish.

Congressman Warren Davidson, an Ohio representative, has proposed a bill, called “Buy a brick, build a wall act”, which suggests the creation of a special digital coin called the Wall Coin that will help Trump raise the much needed $5 billion for the wall.

While the bill does not explicitly state the creation of a digital coin, the Congressman is thinking of a project that will resemble a crowdfunding website, where people will be able to donate and help Trump in this initiative.

The Ohio Congressman is also working towards regulating ICOs and creating a totally new asset class that digital coins will classify under.

There is no clarity as to whether the Wall Coin come to life, but the fact that digital coins are entering the government’s way of funding projects speaks for the potential and development of the crypto world in the public sphere.


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