The Dash Gold Foundation promotes BDSG digital currency era

digital currency

The Dash Gold Foundation has announced that it will use the gold SKR (Safe Keeping Receipt) to promote BDSG (Beyond Dashgold) digital currency payment business, online shopping mall and gold sales business, and digital currency ATM business.

Gold SKR is issued by BankoSentralng Pilipinas, and the beneficiary is the Dash Gold Foundation. BDSG, a digital currency based on gold SKR has attracted great attention in that it can have value and be used as a payment method in real life through the progress of bank guarantees.

The BDSG online shopping mall connects BDSG digital currency with gold-based utilizing gold SKR, along with USDT, a stable coin that maintains a certain value. It will serve about 25 million members of Bit-z and Bit-z federation exchanges, and BDSG will be used as a major payment method in online shopping malls selling mainly luxury goods, cosmetics, gold, etc.

Digital currency will be used as a payment method for physical transactions once the BDSG online shopping mall is open. BDSG will soon be listed on the Bitgetexchange.

The Dash Gold Foundation is also developing a block chain ATM business that can operate over 30 digital currencies based on SKR as a joint project with financial banks based on the gold SKR that can be used in real life.

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