Ronaldinho Soccer Coin – “World Cup” trending

It’s the World Cup season this summer. While multiple companies, individuals from all walks of life have launched their own cryptocurrencies for different purposes, it’s now time for some of the world’s most famous footballers to get in on the crypto game.

One such example is Ronaldinho Gaucho, a former Brazilian professional footballer, is launching the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC). In a short video on his Twitter account, Ronaldinho shared that the project will have a lot of benefits for the world. He did not share any specific details yet, but the website of the coin is already up and running.

While the White Paper has not been shared yet, the roadmap of the project is. The first step, which is happening currently, in July 2018, is the developing of the Ronaldinho Stadium, consisting of 2 stadiums in East Asia and then progressing to build 5 more again, in East Asia. While it is not really clear on what the exact product will be, the roadmap shows that in October 2018, there will be virtual services developed with VR.

The project enjoys a rather experienced team of professionals, including Dima Zaitsev, the Head of International PR and Chief of Business Analytics Department at ICOBox, Jun Otaka, the CEO of Crypto Lab Japan and more.

The major product that the project is developing is the built-up of several facilities/technologies to help people in sports and use blockchain for greater benefit.

The ambitious goal sets the construction of around 300 stadiums all around the world, powered through blockchain, VR, and AI to better engage and help communities around the globe.

The token will be available in 350 million coins. 

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