John McAfee will create the white paper of Zombie Coin

John McAfee is probably the most ardent Bitcoin enthusiast. Now, news emerged that the Bitcoin bull will support the Zombie Coin project, and not only that, but write its white paper.

The zombie ICO is a rather hilarious project that is managed by China Zombie, which wants to teach zombies how to use alt coins. The Tweet that McAfee posted is the following:

I have accepted an advisory position with @China_Zombie to help them with the CZCOIN ($CZ) creation and promotion. I will be shilling them heavilly. You have been warned. I want no flack. Thank you.

While many seem to be taking the project quite light-heartedly, McAfee went on to explain that his work with Zombie Coin is not a joke and he will create the white paper for the coin. What China Zombie believes in is rather ludicrous – that zombies actually exist and they can make use of cryptocurrencies. Regarding the idea, McAfee shared that he is just “fascinated” with the idea and will do his part on the advisory board of China Zombie.

According to press, there is no information where the China Zombie project is headquartered. However, McAfee shared that he is going to be flown to Bhutan where he will see the research facility of the company and actually be exposed to the zombies.

While the project may sound funny, the fact is that a lot of ICOs are fake and investors must be warned that there are a lot scams out there.

On the other hand, McAfee has tremendous faith in Bitcoin and its bright future.


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