Dash teams up with Indian cryptocurrency exchange Bitbns

Dash teams up with Indian cryptocurrency exchange Bitbns

Dash, the digital currency for payments, has announced a strategic partnership with Bitbns, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in India, to launch Dash/INR fiat pairing. Through the partnership, customers of Bitbns will now be able to buy and sell Dash instantly using InstantSend on the exchange platform, making Dash accessible to the growing Indian cryptocurrency community.

Dash Core Global Head of Business Development, Bradley Zastrow said:

As one of the larger cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India, Bitbns is important to our efforts in expanding the Dash community globally. India’s cryptocurrency community is growing by the day, and we’re extremely excited to leverage this partnership to become a part of such an up-and-coming market early on.

We’re additionally excited about the support for InstantSend, one of our core areas of focus. This provides extra security for users, who do not need to keep large balances on exchanges to take advantage of trading opportunities. The more we can build this across exchanges globally, the more we additionally build networked liquidity and increase opportunities for traders and exchanges.

Launched in December of 2017, the Bitbns platform allows users to buy and sell 61 digital assets including Dash through its easy-to-use interface. Bitbns accepts users globally, and additionally offers a peer-to-peer exchange option which allows participants to trade directly with each other.

The partnership will result in Bitbns integrating Dash’s InstantSend technology into its platform, which dramatically shortens the delay in confirmation of transactions and offers near instantaneous transactions to take place in the Dash network. Additionally, Dash and Bitbns will be hosting two trading competitions for users as part of their new partnerships.

Gaurav Dahake, CEO of Bitbns commented:

As the top digital currency for payments, Dash is a key partner for Bitbns as we look to expand our exchange and add more digital currencies to our platform. Both Dash and Bitbns share a common goal of making cryptocurrency more accessible for everyone across the globe, and we hope through this partnership we can take a small step in achieving this in India and the broader South Asia region.

In addition, we are organising a massive competition along with Dash to drive digital payments in a more seamless way for Indian users. We have created one of the most seamless ways for users to deposit and withdraw fiat and trade digital assets, with our new deposit flow with an open order sandwiched in between.

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