Dash collaborates with VegaWallet to grow blockchain-based payments

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Dash, a cryptocurrency used for e-commerce and online payments, revealed its new partnership with VegaWallet, a cryptocurrency platform, aimed at expanding the use of payment protocols built on the blokchain. The alliance makes VegaWallet the first crypto wallet to implement BitGo’s multi-signature Dash iteration for transactions completed via InstantSend, and gives the company authority to create real-world solutions that use Dash’s Evolution hard fork

Dash Core Group’s Global Head of Business Development, Bradley Zastrow, said:

VegaWallet’s ability to provide Dash users with with a secure wallet and payment solution plays a strong role in the value proposition. VegaWallet’s goal of creating a payments solution for the legal cannabis industry aligns with Dash’s goals to support underbanked businesses, making them a key partner for us going forward. Our primary focus is making daily commerce easy with Dash, and VegaWallet’s current and future products will add immense value to the Dash ecosystem. We are looking forward to our ongoing partnership with VegaWallet, as we continue to progress towards the launch of Evolution.

VegaWallet already supports some of Dash’s features on both its desktop and mobile wallets. The full implementation will have features such as business metrics, inventory management platforms, and employee information sections among others such as, crypto rewards and a loyalty program supported by both the VegaWallet Token and Dash.

The wallet’s user interface has also been fine-tuned through tests conducted on third parties to ensure it is intuitive for new users. VegaWallet also allows the storage of multiple coins, which makes it easy for users to pay using Dash and other cryptos. The full features will also include data on market trends, and the full history of transactions among other common user requests.

VegaWallet’s CEO Tarek Hajri, commented:

VegaWallet’s partnership with Dash provides a unique atmosphere for improvement concerning real world applications in the blockchain based payments space. We believe customers will be excited for these future applications regarding the shared interests on our roadmap.

Today’s partnership follows last year’s major announcement that Dash had added BitGo, a cryptocurrency security system with institutional-grade capabilities, to its portfolio of digital currencies. This allowed Dash to have an enterprise-grade multi-signature wallet, which allowed large institutions to use Dash as a major component of their operations. Vega is the first crypto wallet to utilize this multi-signature capability that has been available on Dash since the BitGo deal in collaboration with Dash’s InstantSend technology. The two features create a secure efficient wallet experience for crypto users.

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Dash collaborates with VegaWallet to grow blockchain-based payments


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