Walmart and IBM to use blockchain for food traceability

Walmart is implementing IBM’s blockchain as part of their new food traceability program that has to do with food safety on all levels in the supply chain.

The ultimate goal is to track the path of the food from the farm to the shelves in the store. In this way, Walmart will be able to ensure food safety and get reliable information from suppliers on the products they deliver.

The partnership between IBM and Walmart is not a new one. The two companies have worked together since 2016 and now they are adding a new “layer” of safety when it comes to Walmart’s food.

By implementing the blockchain technology, Walmart hopes to reduce waste along the supply chain and track any possible food-borne diseases. The blockchain “supplement” will make the entire supply chain more transparent and accessible for customers.

The Vice President of Food Safety in Walmart commented on the innovation:

“Our customers deserve a more transparent supply chain.We felt the one-step-up and one-step-back model of food traceability was outdated for the 21st century. This is a smart, technology-supported move that will greatly benefit our customers and transform the food system, benefitting all stakeholders.”

Blockchain has disrupted multiple sectors, and the food industry is no exception. Just recently, a Brazilian entrepreneur created the very first Bitcoin-powered coffee machine.

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Walmart and IBM to use blockchain for food traceability

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